Netive VMS Suite
Dutch Railways (NS)

Dutch Railways (NS) is one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. With more than 10,000 employees, they make it possible to transport millions of passengers every year. To ensure that the company has sufficient qualified staff, NS has been working with Nétive VMS since 2010.

In recent years, the dutch railways has modernised its hiring process by using the software package, Nétive VMS Suite. This system plays a central role in streamlining and automating the hiring process.

Integration of requests and assessments

The integration technology of the Nétive VMS Suite is applied to centralise requests for external personnel within the NS organisation and efficiently communicate hiring needs to preferred suppliers. Candidates proposed undergo evaluation within the Nétive VMS Suite, and upon acceptance, contract information is also recorded in the Suite.

Data exchange between Nétive VMS Suite and SAP

Within the NS application landscape, SAP is used as the ERP system. In this context, the Nétive VMS Suite plays a crucial role in data exchange between both systems. Combining the Salesforce platform with the API framework of Nétive VMS Suite makes it easier to exchange data between Nétive VMS Suite and SAP. NS employs various scenarios, whether it involves integration with SAP HCM or SAP SRM.

A valuable collaboration

The hiring process at NS continues to evolve. Stefan Wallenburg states, ‘Nétive VMS has played its role with distinction during the integration projects. They are always willing to brainstorm and provide solutions that align with our needs.’