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The job market is dynamic. Whether facing scarcity or surplus, effective work is always essential. The goal may vary over time, but in your talent processes, you always want to know where you stand and efficiently collaborate with colleagues and talent suppliers.

To assist with this, Nétive VMS offers two products: Nétive VMS Suite and Nétive VMS Connect.

Nétive VMS Suite is the market-leading solution for managing external personnel for hiring organisations. This product can be expanded with modules for outsourced projects (Statement of Work) and permanent recruitment.

Nétive VMS Connect is our integration platform to simplify collaboration among all parties in the chain. The first standard integration solutions for staffing and recruitment agencies are already available. This allows suppliers of flexible workers to connect their own ATS, CRM, or back office software to Nétive VMS Suite for automated data exchange.

Netive VMS Suite

External talent management: ready for the 'Total Talent' future

The Nétive VMS Suite are Vendor Management System modules. With this, you take full control of your hiring process via a single online portal with your desired modules.

What does that entail?

  • Nétive VMS Suite enables managers to post their job vacancies, after which your hiring desk completes and releases them to the market.
  • Candidates can be offered through the system by staffing agencies and freelancers can self-present.
  • Candidate evaluations also take place in the system.
  • The contracts for accepted external employees are created and stored within the system, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Time tracking and invoicing for these contracts also occur in the system.

This centralised approach allows you to oversee all processes and make necessary adjustments through the integrated reporting and dashboard module.

Nétive VMS Suite for your organisation

This centralised approach allows you to oversee all processes and make necessary adjustments through the integrated reporting and dashboard module.

This suite is suitable for hiring organisations with an internal hiring desk, as well as for organisations using MSP service providers.

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Discover the power of our VMS Suite
Insight and overview
Centralise all hiring information and know where you stand
Cost control
Clarity on costs beforehand, no surprises later
Complying with laws and regulations with an up-to-date file
Streamlined hiring process
Continuous workflow to achieve your talent goals
Ensuring inflow and outflow
Insight into the talent pool and performance of recruitment channels
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Your hiring process is unique

And software should align with it. That's why we're happy to brainstorm how our user-friendly solution contributes to your specific situation.

We invite you to share your case. What is your process? What are the key requirements? When is the hiring process a success for you? Based on these elements, we'd love to show you how our solution addresses them.

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Netive VMS Connect

The connection between clients and personnel suppliers

As a staffing organisation, you are a key player in the success of your client. Without the experts or capacity you provide, the client cannot achieve its goals.

At the same time, you understand that the client has adopted a VMS. For you, that’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. With Nétive VMS Connect, clients want to offer you, the supplier, the opportunity to reap more benefits from the VMS.

The path to growth for you as an intermediary

With Nétive VMS Connect, you receive client requests directly into your CRM. And that’s not all. You can offer candidates from your own system and have the post-match administration handled automatically. Manually navigating VMS portals, manually offering candidates, and dealing with many more time-consuming tasks with no added value is a thing of the past!

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Discover Nétive VMS Connect
Integrated with:

Curious which manual processes you can eliminate?

With Nétive VMS Connect, we create smart integrations with your CRM system. We accelerate processes and ensure flawless operation.

The fewer administrative tasks, the better. With Nétive VMS Connect, you integrate information from your clients' VMS into your front and back office systems. This allows you to do more business with these clients, as you have more insight into their vacancies and can offer candidates more quickly. At the same time, you reduce overhead costs by having less administrative work post-match with hours and invoices.

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