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HR Services partners collaborate extensively and willingly with Nétive VMS. This long standing partnership enables over 300 customers to benefit from innovative hiring services provided by our partners using Nétive VMS technology.

As a fully independent VMS supplier and market leader in the Benelux, Nétive VMS works closely with an extensive network of partners. It is our experience that each of these partners has its own vision and approach to supporting and unburdening you with hiring issues. So there really is something to choose from. And regardless of the diversity in approach and application, all our partners are experienced in using our Nétive VMS Suite. It is important that the partner matches your organisation, both in terms of content and cooperation.

Which partner suits you best also depends on the service they provide. See below for the most common types of partners and their main activities.

Geographical coverage:
Geographical coverage with partners: Belgium, Germany, UK, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United States, Sweden, and Switzerland
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10+ years
Trusted Partners
'Mutual trust and connection with Nétive VMS are crucial factors in our successful, sustainable partnership' Frederieke Schmidt Crans - Director Flexhuis o.v. Nash Squared
Managed Services Provider (MSP)

An MSP is primarily requested by organisations to organise and manage the hiring of external talent. In many cases as a completely neutral MSP and without supplying staff themselves, but there are also hybrid variants. They manage contracts from various suppliers of external staff, take control of the hiring process and act in line with the hiring policy. MSP parties optimise hiring processes and realise continuous improvement objectives through their expertise, knowledge and network.

Master Vendor

A Master Vendor is an exclusive service provider that acts as a master vendor to supply external talent. This concept is mainly used by organisations that use a lot of temporary workers. As an exclusive service provider, the Master Vendor is responsible for all external hiring, including managing secondary suppliers.


A broker is an independent intermediary who relieves clients and protects them from hiring risks with contract management for candidates proposed by the client itself and/or suppliers without an existing agreement. Brokers offer expertise in capacity issues and, with some regularity, services plus Search & Selection.

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