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Discover our advanced 'Workforce Technology with a Heartbeat.' Our software dynamically adapts to needs and regulations, providing maximum flexibility and customisation within every organisation. With a passion for the product and our customers, supported by a close-knit team and long-lasting partnerships.
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We are proudly Great Place To Work certified®

Nétive VMS is certified as a Great Place To Work! Something we work on together every day. With our core values as a foundation, we make it a celebration together.

Since our inception in 2003, we believe in the power of a pleasant working environment. Want to know more about our history? The Rockefeller Habits are the basis for our strong mission, which we work on from our core values. These four core values are intertwined with our DNA. These four words define us and and help create an environment where we bring out the best in each other, and where everyone can be 100% themselves.


We value enjoyment in our work, where a positive and joyful working environment contributes to our collective success. Pursuing fun means enjoying collaboration and being able to share and celebrate successes together.


Integrity is central to all our activities. With a focus on honesty and transparency. We build trust by acting honestly and ethically without hidden agendas.


Innovation is the engine behind our growth. Every day, we strive to do a bit better than the day before. We encourage creativity and actively seek new ideas, remaining flexible to stay ahead in our sector.


Connection goes beyond interactions; it is showing genuine interest in others. We aim for strong relationships, both internally and externally. We achieve this by listening, understanding, and showing empathy.

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The next step in your career begins at Nétive VMS

At Nétive VMS, we strongly believe in the possibility of improvement every day. By nature, we are innovators.

By combining our strengths, together we are more than the sum of individuals. Together, we are Nétive VMS. We value the enjoyment of our work, with a positive work environment contributing to our collective success. For us, striving for fun means enjoying working together and celebrating successes. Will you join our team? Check out our available vacancies.

Check out our vacancies

Workforce technology with a heartbeat

We create Total Talent Software that can adapt at lightning speed and give meaning to managing talent.

At Nétive VMS, we believe in creating meaning in the job market. Our mission is clear: we strive to connect every player in the job market effectively, sustainably, and safely. We understand that work is essential, not only for individuals but also for society as a whole. Work not only provides a sense of meaning but also enables people to develop, grow, and acquire new skills.

At Nétive VMS, we promise to support our clients in realising their Total Talent Strategy. We do this by using innovative software, integrations, and consultancy. Our focus is on developing software that not only connects but also adapts to the changing needs of the market, people, and the times in which we live. We distinguish ourselves through our agility, offering not just a platform but a complete workforce management ecosystem that evolves at crucial moments.

At Nétive VMS, our purpose is the foundation of everything we do. We strive to work together for a better job market. Our deep-rooted belief is that a thriving job market is the key to a prosperous society. Work is not just a source of income; it forms the basis for personal development, growth, and meaning. Having meaningful work contributes to a sense of self-worth and makes people active participants in society.

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