An inspiring workplace where dedication and work happiness come together

Author: Nétive VMS

At Nétive VMS, we go beyond offering technological solutions for external hiring. Our non-conventional nature is evident, as since 2018, we have been officially recognised as a “Great Place To Work” by Great Place to Work Netherlands. But what makes Nétive VMS such an exceptional workplace? Let’s delve into what sets us apart and why working at Nétive VMS is a unique experience.

Great place to work certified

Our CEO, Patrick Tiessen, shares his enthusiasm about the nomination for Best Small Workplaces in the Netherlands: ‘The first word that came to my mind when I heard that Nétive was nominated? Pride! Our way of working, how we interact with our people, and, of course, our customer-centric approach are reflected in this nomination.’ For us, this recognition is not just a certificate; it is an affirmation of our culture and an encouragement to continuously enhance our policies

A culture of excellence and customer focus

At Nétive VMS, we take pride not only in our technological innovations but also in our work ethos and the care we extend to our people. Our culture of pride and customer focus is not merely an external facade but an internal driving force that inspires us to excel every day.

Working at Nétive

For us, work isn’t just about completing tasks; it’s about embracing the culture and being part of something special. During the application process, we introduce candidates to our core values such as fun, innovation, connection, and integrity, which also form the basis of our selection.

Once on board, you don’t just become an employee; you become an integral part of our team. We welcome you not just with a contract but with carefully planned onboarding days, surprises by mail, and a warm reception on your first day. Our onboarding is more than a formal procedure; it marks the beginning of your journey at Nétive VMS.

Your success is our success

At Nétive VMS, we don’t see you merely as an employee; you are a valuable member of our team. Our commitment to workplace happiness goes beyond words; it is an integral part of our company culture. In addition to a robust introduction, we provide ongoing support with dedicated buddies and a focus on your wellbeing.

Rather than solely emphasising professional development, we aim to create an environment where you thrive, both professionally and personally. In essence, at Nétive VMS, we invest not only in our technology but, more importantly, in the people who make this technology possible.

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