Nétive VMS Connect: Specifically for staffing and temporary employment agencies

Data exchange

Link your own system to your customer's VMS

Easier to do business

Receiving and fulfilling requests from all portals without manual work

Less paperwork

Automated processing of hours and invoices

Stop searching through portals

You work from your own systems and applications. It enables you as a staffing or temporary employment agency to work faster and more efficiently with clients using a VMS.

Digital chain = increased match opportunities

Imagine receiving all VMS requests directly in your CRM or ATS. This significantly enhances your chances of finding the right candidate from your database!

Digital chain = less administrative hassle

Efficiency is crucial for back-office operations. Manual processing of hours and invoices adds little value but incurs costs. Nétive VMS Connect saves valuable time, streamlining these processes.

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Hiring a client does not happen in isolation

That is why we do not have an isolated VMS, but the Nétive VMS Suite stands for digital collaboration.

The products provided by Nétive VMS Connect make it super easy to digitise the entire chain. This way, client and supplier work together securely, share the right data and ensure with maximum efficiency that orders are fulfilled and administration simplified.

digitaal delen van data

Serve multiple customers

Linking with Nétive VMS Connect is not done customer by customer.

With one connection, you have immediately connected all your customers working on the various environments of our VMS Suite. This means great progress with digitisation and optimisation. But it’s also much more secure than all login codes on various portals floating around.

Digitale weergave van personen

All requests straight into your own ATS or CRM

Without emailing and retyping information, you start recruiting the right candidate straight away.

That way, you focus on the work you enjoy most and don’t have to deal with unnecessary administration. Because the offers you want to send back to your customer are placed back in the VMS at the push of a button, ready to be selected first.

Laptop met digitale info in beeld

Processing data manually is a thing of the past

We deliver the information of all your customers from different environments straight into your back-office system.

Managing job information, associated timesheets and invoices is a painstaking job. Something that also recurs every week. Nétive VMS Connect automatically establishes the right connection. So all you have to do is complete the entries. Always correct, always matching invoices, always paid quickly.

Dossiers digitaal in beeld met laptop

Digitisation for KPI steering

Being able to measure and analyse easily helps your team perform to its maximum potential.

We know that many agencies do not register all the applications that come in. Logical, because it is a lot of work. And the added value is often difficult to estimate in advance when reading the application. Still, across your entire agency you would like to know and measure what you are actually missing. So by recording everything automatically, you start monitoring KPIs much better. This is how digitalisation helps you develop as a team!

mensen samen overleggen achter laptop digitaal dossier

Quit typing, start data sharing

Stop typing and start sharing data for a hyper-efficient digital chain. Save time on information processing and reduce errors for smoother collaboration.

You save time on processing the info, but in addition, you save time because fewer errors occur that need to be sorted out further down the line. This way, you are able to work with your clients instead of struggling side by side with the same paperwork.

laptop met digitale beelden van dossiers verbonden
Integrated with:

Key questions

Collaboration with your software supplier

We prefer working with your software provider for seamless integration. This guarantees flawless operation of the links and often means you can use the solution faster. So if your software party is already listed as a partner, you can enter into an agreement for our services directly through them. If you use your own software, we are happy to enter into a partnership directly with your organisation.

SETU, yes absolutely.

Whenever possible, we also conform to SETU, as do you. After all, we understand that using SETU makes adoption easier and implementations faster.

No SETU, no problem.

We acquired software company FlexForceMonkey in 2023. They specialise in connecting all common software systems for hiring in various message formats. In the process, both standard and customised software became easily usable side by side. So with this software embedded in Nétive VMS Connect, you will always succeed in connecting.

Connecting, how does that work?

The simplest option is that your software supplier is interested, but is not ready yet. We are always connecting with new parties, so it may already be in place but not yet publicly available. Ask them and get them to contact us.

Of course, if your software supplier does not want to work with this, we can always connect you as an individual link. This does require that you can bring the right expertise into the project yourself.

What is possible with Nétive VMS Connect?

Within Nétive VMS Connect we offer two options for processing placements. The standard option is for you to receive the placement in SETU format and thus process it into your own placement. In 2023, however, we acquired the software company FlexForceMonkey and incorporated the technology into the Connect platform.

This also allows us to synchronise placements from the VMS to FlexForceMonkey. You send the placement from your own software here and the software then automatically checks whether the documents match. In this way, you still avoid many errors in the chain that lead to laborious time processing.

What is possible with Nétive VMS Connect?

Within Nétive VMS Connect there are two options for processing invoices. The standard option is that you receive the self-billing in SETU/UBL format from us. After processing/verification, you confirm that invoice back via a digital message to the Nétive VMS Suite for payment. In 2023, however, we acquired the software company FlexForceMonkey and incorporated the technology into the Connect platform.

This allows us to offer you the ability to automate invoice control between hours worked, our self-billing and your internally generated invoices. We know that a lot of this process is done by hand in Excel. So we save you that time and margin of error right away!

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Let us know which VMS data system you'd like to use, and we'll determine the next steps together.

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