Nétive VMS bundles expertise with FlexForceMonkey

Author: Nétive VMS

Nétive VMS and FlexForceMonkey have been in close contact for years, explain Patrick Tiessen, director at Nétive VMS, and Doede van Haperen, CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of FlexForceMonkey. Those conversations led step-by-step to an almost natural formalisation of that cooperation, Patrick and Doede explain.

As of November 21, our expertise bundled

‘We complement each other so strongly in several areas that merging our companies feels like a very logical step for both of us,’ Patrick said. ‘We are of course both in the same field anyway, namely the flex industry. At Nétive VMS, as VMS Suite, we focus primarily on the entire process of recruiting and administrative support for the client. FlexForceMonkey, on the other hand, focuses primarily on facilitating the supply process and focuses primarily on the supplier. This is a strong ‘win win’ as far as we are concerned, because by combining our expertise we can now support the entire chain in their further professionalisation and digitalisation.’

Further digitisation

‘We were already taking steps ourselves with the development of a new tool, Nétive VMS Connect, for the exchange of data between our VMS Suite and suppliers’ systems. So we already wanted to pick up that digitisation of the flex supply-chain. FlexForceMonkey was already doing this as a specialty. When we started talking to Doede, we concluded that we could bring in that new knowledge much faster and better through Doede’s existing expertise than doing it all ourselves. Together we can market these new activities with our complementary areas of expertise much better. For us,’ says Doede, ‘the gain is very much in the fact that we now have a much broader base to realise our mission – to make digital collaboration a standard.’

We can now support the entire chain in their further digitalisation and professionalisation

— Patrick Tiessen - CEO Nétive VMS

Smart links

‘At FlexForceMonkey, we have made it our specialty to replace all those manual processes with smart links. We are an integration platform that arose from noises in the market from suppliers to collaborate with clients’ hiring processes. The supplier’s frustration is often that the client is primarily concerned with internal optimisation, but then the supplier has to figure it out. To solve that problem, we built a platform that all suppliers can use software-independently, so everyone can optimise in their own environment. The platform supports processes and can tie different processes together. We work a lot for large broadcasters and from them I also regularly got the question: ‘Can’t you even talk to Nétive VMS?’

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Client demand is getting wider

Patrick: ‘We are convinced that our cooperation is very important for the market, because we see that the demand from clients is becoming increasingly broader. It concerns questions about interfaces, integrations, etc. These days, when we engage with a new customer, their first question is always about interfaces as well: ‘Can you interface it with Workday? Can you link it to SAP?’ In the current situation, recruiters or consultants often still have to manually overlay data from a VMS to the system the staffing or secondment organisation is working with. That is, of course, incredibly time-consuming and therefore costs unnecessary money.’

Doede: ‘Other developments also ensure that the requirements package at the client is becoming increasingly heavy. Think of AVG-related issues. That calls for scaling up the team at the client. We can use our experience to help them with that. And we can support them practically by making agreements with suppliers.’

Patrick: ‘Exactly. If we talk to software supplier X (for example, an ATS or front / back office system) and we know that 30 of their customers work with Nétive VMS, then it is convenient to make the agreement with that supplier at once that it is certified. Then they are happy, we are happy and most of all the customer is happy. So we are already talking to parties like that.’

In a labour market where it is difficult to find people, you need ever faster processes

— Doede van Haperen - CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) FlexForceMonkey

Enormous efficiency gains

The efficiency gains that can be made by cleverly automating all these processes are enormous. Patrick explains: ‘If you look at our total network of stakeholders, you’re talking about 300 clients and 6,500 unique suppliers. Those suppliers all deliver to different parties and we want to automate the lines of communication behind them all. You have to imagine that in the current situation large dispatchers of 150 clients using the Nétive VMS Suite receive e-mails every Monday that timesheets are ready. Then all these people log into all these different portals to manually check off all those hours. They use a tool here and a tool there to get it all into their own system.

This kind of operation involves many hours a week of manual work. Soon all that manual work will no longer be necessary. Instead, that large party will only get one list of say 2,000 people whose invoices have been checked. This way we will eliminate all unnecessary administrative work, which of course saves tons of time.

And you get the same savings with the client. Suppose you have a schedule and a day in advance several people call in sick. You have to put out three applications. Then you want that recruiter to get right on it without having to go from system to system. If you have everything tied together then that process, too, can go much faster.’


Doede: ‘Of course, the market also demands this acceleration. In a labour market where it is difficult to find people, you need ever faster processes. The call for innovation is growing, as is the pursuit of operational excellence: you want to do as much work as possible with as few people as possible.

In summary, our cooperation enables us to move faster. If you want optimal efficiency, it’s very simple: The fewer administrative operations, the better. So it’s purely about linking. The better the systems on the back end work together, the finer and faster the processes. Everything has to be able to work together. And that is exactly what we are now going to achieve by combining our skills from Nétive VMS and FlexForceMonkey. We are going to speed up the processes and ensure error-free operation. That will not only make us happy, but the whole market!’