Nétive VMS teaming up to make a difference at Westbere Copse

Date: 13 July, 2023

Nétive VMS, as trusted partner of APSCo OutSource, strongly believes in the power of collective action and making a positive impact together. That’s why we were thrilled to sponsor their CSR day at Westbere Copse on the 13th of July.

We sponsor various events throughout the year, typically commercially motivated to improve brand awareness or seeking to generate leads. Not this time!’, says Craig Holborn – Country Manager UK.

It was an absolute privilege as an APSCo OutSource Trusted Partner to sponsor its CSR day simply to give something back; to help a local community, to provide them a green space where they can get outdoors, enjoy some peace and tranquillity, and connect with neighbours.

Our sponsorship covered all costs of the day, including insurance, tools, and providing everyone with delicious packed lunches to keep our energy levels up. It was a fulfilling experience to witness the transformation of the reserve and to know that we played a part in preserving its natural beauty and ecological value.

A lot of hard work but, in common with Nétive VMS’s core values, loads of fun. Connecting with friends old and new from the APSCo network.

— Craig Holborn, Country Manager UK

This was a great initiative by APSCo Outsource, in which we could facilitate in line with our core values ‘fun’ and ‘connection’. We had a great time working together with various people from across our industry. Everybody felt incredibly passionate about our goal for the day and it allowed some great relationships and conversations to be made.

This CSR day at Westbere Copse was a testament to the power of collective action and the positive difference we can make when we come together. We’re proud to have made a real difference to Westbere Copse and the community while having fun along the way.