Nétive VMS joins APSCo Outsource as a trusted partner

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After a robust assessment process, Nétive VMS is very happy to be granted the status of trusted partner of APSCo Outsource.

About APSCo Outsource

APSCo Outsource’s mission revolves around quality, best practice, representation and collaboration. It was formed in response to member demand to represent the interests of MSP, RPO and recruitment outsource providers.

Melanie Forbes about Nétive VMS

Melanie Forbes, managing director APSCo Outsource: ‘I’m delighted to welcome Nétive VMS as an APSCo OutSource Trusted Partner. The firm’s mindset of continuous development and improvement in everything it does mirrors what we represent as a trade association. The organisation’s extensive knowledge of VMS, FMS  and ATS  integration will certainly be an asset for the APSCo OutSource community – I’m looking forward to working closely with the Nétive VMS team and seeing the company’s relationship with our members flourish over the coming months.’

MSP and RPO development

As a trusted partner, Nétive VMS is looking forward to contributing insight and expertise in the development of the MSP and RPO market. We furthermore look forward to engaging with the MSP and RPO members to align our partner focussed business strategy with theirs.

Thank you, dear partners!

‘We also extend our gratitude to our MSP partners that have attested to our culture and values to make this partnership possible. We appreciate it!’

— Patrick Tiessen, CEO Nétive VMS